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Workshops are organized as part of the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Smart Mobility (IEEESM ’23).
The workshops at IEEESM ’23 bring together top thought-leaders and pioneers from industry and academia to exhibit and discuss their latest development and deployment results, as well as scientific and technical advances in the fields of smart mobility systems and services.

Accepted Workshops

Autonomous and Unmanned Ships Technologies and its Applications (AUSTA)

The advancement of AI, IoT, automation, cloud and edge computing allowed the ships to be fully controlled miles away from the shore or navigate fully unmanned without the need for human intervention. The operating system on these ships can monitor the performance and health of their engines making marine operations safer and cost efficient. This workshop will provide a venue for presenting and discussing the latest state-of-the-art technologies and applications of autonomous and remotely operated unmanned ships and its implications on the marine industry and on the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

Prof. Ibrahim A. Hameed
Professor, Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

If you want to contribute to this workshop contact Prof. Ibrahim via Email, or on LinkedIn.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Smart Mobility

The creation of smart cities can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of ways because this technology enables the development of intelligent and effective services for the citizenry, such as real-time monitoring from municipal security cameras, control over the use of public services, and monitoring of transportation data. The creation of analytical models is motorized and technicalized through the use of data analysis. It is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that is based on the idea that machines can comprehend and learn from data, spot patterns, and meet requirements to make decisions with minimal human involvement. When models are exposed to new data, the iterative nature of machine learning (ML) is important since it allows for independent and autonomous adaptation.

Dr. Ahmad Taher Azar Research Professor, Prince Sultan University, KSA | Associate Professor Benha University, Egypt

Prof. Tanzilla Saba
Research Professor, Prince Sultan University, KSA

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January, 2023

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February, 2023

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March, 2023

Conference Days

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The International Conference on Smart Mobility (IEEESM) is designated for reporting recent research and development results in smart mobility systems and services, their challenging problems, and their potential applications.